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Growing Up Liquid Milk 250ml - Baby Bio


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For babies +10Months

Babybio Growth Liquid is produced in France with cow's milk of French origin.
Do you know that before 3 years, cow's milk does not yet meet the specific nutritional needs of your child? This is why Babybio has developed Babybio Growth Liquide to take over.

French cow milk
Without Palm Oil
No added flavor
Easy to use

A specific formula
Babybio Growth Liquid contains:
- the right dose of protein for the nutritional balance of Baby
- iron: 500 ml of Babybio Growth Liquid cover 75% of recommended nutritional intakes
- vitamin D, which contributes to bone growth
- balanced in essential fatty acids
A good relay.

Pack of 6x 250ml - exists in bigger bottle

Made in France.