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Growing Up Milk 3 - Baby Bio


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For Babies +10Months

Babybio Growth in bifidus made in France with organic cow milk of French origin.

Do you know that before 3 years, cow's milk does not yet meet the specific nutritional needs of your child? This is why Babybio developed Babybio Growth Powder to take over.

It contains more iron, more essential fatty acids and less protein than cow's milk.

- French cow milk
- In Bifidus *
- Vitamin E of natural origin
- Without Palm Oil
* The formula is slightly acidified with bifidus

A specific formula
Babybio Growth Powder contains:
- the right dose of protein for the nutritional balance of Baby
- Iron: 500 ml of Babybio Growth Powder cover 75% of recommended nutritional intakes
- vitamin D, which contributes to bone growth
- balanced in essential fatty acids
- Organic vegetable oils: Oleic and colza sunflower oils

Babybio Warranty
The skimmed milk from the Babybio recipe comes from cows raised in France. They are fed with grass or organic fodder and in accordance with biological regulations, preventive treatment with antibiotics is prohibited. Organic Farming favors, for example, the use of natural fertilizers and crop rotation.

Made in France.