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Milk Optima 2 - Baby Bio


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For Baby +6Months

Formula without palm oil!
Babybio 2 Optima is an organic Follow-on milk with bifidus* made in France from French cow's milk. Starting at six months of age, and paired with a diversified diet, it can meet the nutritional and physiological needs of your baby (in keeping with regulations). For mothers looking for a Follow-on milk, we point them to this Optima formula.
Formula with organic oleic sunflower seed oil.

avantage Babybio With Bifidus*

avantage Babybio French milk

avantage Babybio Suitable for breastfed and non-breastfed babies

avantage Babybio Without palm oil

avantage Babybio Naturally occurring Vitamin E

avantage Babybio New: more convenient and hygienic box with latchable top.

* the formula is llightly acidified with bifidus.

A specially tailored formula
Babybio 2 Optima contains:
- the right dose of proteins for nutrional balance*
- a balanced ratio of essential fatty acids*
- organic vegetable oils: organic rapeseed and oleic sunflower seed oils
- 13 vitamins and 13 minerals*

*In compliance with regulations

Follow-on milk cannot be used as a substitute for breast milk during the baby's first 6 months of life. The introduction of complementary food before 6 months should only take place on advice from individuals specialising in infant nutrition.
Over 6 months, Follow-on milk remains the essential liquid food for the infant.
Why use infant milk up to 3 years of age?
Did you know that cow's milk doesn't yet match the specific nutritional needs of your child before the age of 3?
This is why Babybio developed Babybio Growing-up Powder and Babybio Growing-up Liquid to take over where Babybio 2 leaves off.
They contain more iron, more essential fatty acids and fewer proteins than cow's milk.