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Potato Tomato Cod Jar - Baby Bio


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For babies +6Months

Like a fish in water.
Here is a recipe that puts the water in the mouth. Fished in the North Atlantic, the wild cod of Iceland brings its iodized notes and is accompanied by a crushed crushed potatoes of the Val de Loire and a tomato purée. With these flavors combined in one recipe, the baby's papillae will swim in happiness.

No salt added
Gluten Free
Milk Free


Organic Potatoes from the Loire Valley
Cooking water
Organic Mashed tomatoes from Italy
Wild cod from Iceland
Organic Carrots of the Landes
Organic Onions from Spain
Organic Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower)

Babybio Warranty:
Babybio carefully selects the origin of its ingredients, favoring local producers (ideally France or neighboring countries).
The origins indicated on the products are evolving due to our requirements in the choice of producers and the difficulty of supplying organic raw materials.
Steam cooking is a method of preparation that retains vitamins and minerals and preserves the natural colors and flavors of foods.

Serve warm, without adding salt.
The well-closed pot can be stored 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Made in France.